Georgia car dealership pays $80,00o for failure to disclose vehicle buyback status

Car dealership pays $80,000 for failing to provide consumers with mandatory form that discloses vehicle buyback status. Did your car dealership provide you with a history of your car?

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Texas Congressman violated conflict of interest laws by benefitting own car dealership, House Ethics panel finds

Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas), a second-generation auto dealer, pushed legal changes allowing car dealerships to rent or loan cars with safety recalls. The House Ethics Committee found that Rep. Williams’ “personal financial interest in his auto dealership may be perceived as having influenced his performance of official duties.” The House rules state that members cannot use their influence for personal gain, financial or otherwise.

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Staten Island Dana Ford Lincoln Dealership Refuses to Repair or Honor Warranty for Defective Ford Focus

“Transmission Error-turn off car for 7 minutes.” $28,000 lease for defective Ford Focus that shuts down unexpectedly. Staten Island Dealership refuses to repair or honor warranty agreement.

The Kasell Law Firm has taken on the case against Ford Motors for full lease refund and damages.
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