Toyota sues military family and refuses to honor car warranty

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Toyota is suing a highly decorated Army Tank Commander and his family, and refuses to honor the warranty on a defective 2013 Toyota Rav 4. Join in telling Toyota to buy back the lemon they sold and to take better care of our troops! Sign the petition to support the family and protect our #ConsumerRights #LemonLaw

Here is a link to the petition: Toyota Petition: Protect Those Protecting Us, Stop Toyota From Cheating US Military

Wells Fargo Forces Honest Customers Into Unfair Private Arbitration

Wells Fargo created over 2 million fake bank accounts, forged signatures and may have improperly used customer data.
Yet honest banking customers cannot sue Wells Fargo in court AND are required to go to private arbitration! Outrageous! #ConsumerFinancialProtection

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Talent-Nelson Military Lending Act Expands Consumer Credit Protection Starting Oct 1. 2016

Attention: Military servicemembers and dependents; new law provides strict 36% military APR cap, renders arbitration clauses unenforceable, expands protection to more types consumer credit, and more. #ConsumerLawWin

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