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I retained David Kassell services in October 2015 and he had my case resolved against a big Queens Auto dealership very quickly. I had no issues and there was no hassle from the other side. I was very blessed to have found David Kassell. He knows his work and does it very well. If your ever in need of a lawyer of his specialty, I recommend using David Kassell Law firm. He and his team did an outstanding job.

Thank you for all you have done!!!

2 months ago
I retained David Kasell to represent me against a major auto dealership in Queens. I am lucky to have found him as he is the main lawyer who operates in this niche space. He handles finance fraud, consumer protection, leasing, lending, lemon law, and more, all as it pertains to auto deals. He knows who is who in the Queens and NY area auto industry which is a big advantage. He settled our case quickly, professionally, and for an honest fee. If you have car sale, purchase, leasing issues, he is the guy to call. Before I found him I had reached out to 5 or so different attorneys to find that they really didn’t specialize in this area, and/or they didn’t even return my calls.
a month ago

I don’t normally right reviews especially about attorney’s but there’s always an exception to the rule. So just in case you’re wondering if whether or not the Kassell Law Firm is worth it, this guy knows his craft well!!! Always returned my calls in a timely manner and got my money back from a very crooked dealership. Very down to earth and professional courtesy was a normal practice of his. I don’t ever plan to purchase another car in NY but if I ever get swindled out of anything having to do with contract law, the Kassell Law Firm will be my first phone call.



David is the man! best lawyer in Queens!

I was scammed by a dealer who I thought was giving me a good deal, it ended up being a lemon car. So i hired Mr David Kasell for this lemon case and I couldn’t be happier. Kasell handled my case like a professional and won. This is the best lawyer you can get at the best price.

I selected David based on Avvo reviews – Highly recommend him!

I found David Kasell on Avvo. I put in many hours of work looking at the Avvo ratings of various securities/investment fraud attorneys in the NYC area and reviewing websites. It is hard to know who is good and who is not good – based on the highly positive reviews that David had, I reached out to him. I am very glad I did.

The other reviews of David are right on target. He was prompt, professional, and intelligent. He was easy to talk to and did what he said he would do. His fees are very reasonable for NYC and he was not looking to run up bills or take advantage of the situation. He really cares about doing a good job – and he got the job done!

I was involved in a situation whereby I was owed money and securities/investment fraud issues were involved. David helped me progress settlement discussions and that was successful so he drafted settlement agreements. In a relatively short period of time I got back the money I was owed plus enough to cover David’s fees. I also avoided the costs of and hassles of a lawsuit. That is the type of result you want and David was key in making it happen.

So, if you are searching on Avvo and are unsure of who to work with, I highly recommend trying out David. I know I am glad I did for this situation and would recommend him to others who need his expertise.

Excellent service

I had a great experience with David Kasell firm. Am very happy with the outcome of my case. Mr. Kasell was awesome in regards to returning calls. I would recommend your firm. Carmen and Pedro

Awesome Lawyer.

Mr. Kasell is and awesome person who was very understanding and helpful with advising me on my small claims issue. He answered all my questions and walked me through step by step with what I will need to do in filing my case while giving me the confidence I needed. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Mr. Kasell.

Highly Recommend!

There aren’t enough positive words to describe how grateful I am for finding this Attorney, David Kasell. After a relative of mine had a bad experience with an Investor, and after interviewing a couple of Attorneys, I realized that David Kasell was the most honest and dedicated Attorney that truly cares about his clients. We traveled a distance to meet with David and it was well worth the trip!

Superior Service

Having a complicated financial situation with a Financial Advisor, David went above and beyond to help us when other attorneys would not. Although, we did not have a “case” to pursue the issue further, David’s compassion for helping others helped us achieve some relief and satisfaction.

Wonderful Lawyer/Lemon Law Case

David is a great lawyer, I would recommend him to anyone. I hired him for a lemon law case I had against ford/lincoln . This was a very difficult case and because of his knowledge and professionalism we won this case against ford/lincoln and I was refunded my money and relinquished from the lease. He was always there to answer the phone when I had a question and was very patient and explanatory with all of my concerns. He is very professional, punctual and prepared lawyer. I had not one worry the day of my hearing because he had everything prepared and ready to present. I am very thankful to have found a great lawyer and nice person like him to work with.

Great Lawyer.

Mr. Kasell is a top notch attorney who always has the best interest of his clients in mind. I want to say that Mr. Kasell did a wonderful job with my case and if you want someone who’s going to be there from start to finish, he is the lawyer for you. Mr Kassel was able to get my case agains debt collectors dismissed with prejudice. I am extremely grateful for the great work and expertise in my case. I would recommend him to any and all of my friends and I would go back to him in a heartbeat. I feel very lucky to have found him. Thank you Mr Kasell.

Collection Agencies, default judgments and Statute of Limitations

David was great allowing me to call him and assist me on a strategy to deal with collection agencies and their tactics. Very straight forward and to the point. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Avvo and David I feel strongly that I’m on the correct path in resolving my situation with a positive outcome.

Lemon Law case

David is a great man and lawyer, he helped me winning my case against VW in no time. He was professional, always answered my calls, and explained things in detail. He addressed any concerns i had about my case in advance. His fees are reasonable and he is not looking to make money off you, he is genuinely trying to help you. I would strongly recommend him to any one got ripped off by a car dealer.

Very Informative

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